Plant Design is like completing a Jigsaw Puzzle

The aggregate to be handled at Nordkalk Oy Ab’s Parainen mine is challenging for conveyors and sorting lines. In addition, the environment is very humid which adds a strain to the steel structures.  The lifespan of the lines is only around 10-15 years. The latest investment in Parainen was the so-called fifth line. The fifth line is the one that sorts coarse rock and it was near the end of its lifespan. Oucons, a member of the Comatec Group, was selected as the main designer of the line during a call for tender.


  • The situating of the main equipment, the design of the supporting structures and maintenance levels.

What was done:

  • The plant design begins with a pre-design phase, during which data is collected, sketches drawn for the supports and other arrangements, and the structures were given dimensions.
  • During the design phase, the details of the structures are finalised. Then the production and installation schematics for the site’s main contractor.
  • Whilst planning the new line a 3D scan and photographs were utilised instead of the traditional tape measure and sketchbook.

Results and benefits:

  • 3D scanning brought reliability to the design and it speeded up both the design and installation phase.
  • Oucons knowledge in material handling was utilised to design the funnel structure at the end of the line along with the dimensions and vibration analysis of the support structures.
  • Compared to the previous sorting line, this new ones have improved in functionality.

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"Compared to the previous sorting line, this new ones seems to have improved in functionality. Especially for maintenance purposes, large maintenance levels increased the ergonomics and safety at work," Johan Pelto Nordkalk.