Škoda Transtech

Škoda Transtech: A tram designed based on end-user feedback

The Tampere tram started operating in August 2021. Škoda Transtech’s Kajaani plant delivered 20 carriages for the Tampere tram project, and they are also in charge of their repair and maintenance.

Comatec’s part in the project consisted of the electrical and electromechanical design and positioning, design of overhead lines and connection of components. The project was participated in by Comatec’s electrical design teams from Tampere, Oulu and Wrocław, Poland.

Goals and objectives:

  • The goal with the entire project was to make the passenger compartments as large as possible while keeping the carriage size small.
  • The goal was to fine-tune all technical requirement combinations and details so that everything worked electrically from both cockpits. No solutions for such an arrangement had ever been made before.
  • The greatest challenge in terms of electromechanics was to fit in the components and cables in the space reserved for them.


  • The functions were created so that the entire tram and all systems can be controlled from either cockpit.
  • Owing to their long experience in E3, Comatec was able to provide Škoda Transtech new insight and ideas in the use of E3 design software.
  • Comatec added new components into the component library, and these can be used in future projects too.
  • The design modeled the components and each cable in cable harnesses, with links between different software. For example, the length data of a cable harness can be obtained from the 3D model.
“Comatec have been using E3 for a long time and we have benefited from that, getting insights and ideas for Transtech on how to utilize the software.” – Janne Hirvonen, Comatec Mobility