Changes in Comatec Automation Oy

Some business units of Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy merge with Comatec Automation Oy

Comatec Group strengthens Comatec Automation Oy, which focuses on automation business, with internal operational and organisational changes.

The parent company Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy’s Industrial Automation and IoT Solutions business units merge with Comatec Automation Oy on 1 April 2020. After this date, the units’ business operations will continue as a part of Comatec Automation Oy.

The aim of this operational change is to strengthen the automation business of Comatec Group and to provide customers comprehensive services under a unified brand. At the same time, the Group clarifies the division of services between its companies and responds to customer needs by centralising the expertise of the business line within a company.

Business operations in Comatec Automation Oy from 1 April 2020 onwards

Due to this change, all outstanding projects and design contracts will transfer to Comatec Automation Oy. The supplier and the invoicing company of commissions will be Comatec Automation Oy from 1 April 2020 onwards. Account and/or project managers will contact clients if necessary regarding legal agreement changes or harmonisation.

Comatec Automation Oy will operate in Tampere, Imatra and Lappeenranta from 1 April 2020 onwards. The CEO of the company is Tero Kosonen.

The email format for personnel of Comatec Automation Oy will be The postal addresses of business units will remain as before for the time being.

Comatec Automation Oy’s VAT number is FI26885089.

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Tero Kosonen
Comatec Automation Oy
Phone: +358 50 443 2676

Miikka Riittinen
Vice President, Automation Solutions
Comatec Group
Phone: +358 40 860 1670