Comatec 30 years

Comatec was established 30 years ago in March. The Managing Director Aulis Asikainen and his partners founded Comatec Oy in Tampere on 24 March 1986. In three decades, the company has grown and developed into a Comatec Group with close to 400 employees. Comatec’s customers include world-class domestic and international companies.

The commemorative book ’Brain Power’

The commemorative book ’Brain Power’, telling the story of Comatec’s business operations and the companies in the Group, has been published. Written by Tapio Eräheimo, the book tells what has happened in the group of companies over a thirty year period, of success in serving clients but also of the years full of hazards in consequence of the financial crises in Finland or globally.

The words Conveyor, Material and Technics stood out in a German engineering magazine. In 1986 Aulis Asikainen saw in them the name for a new company, a one man engineering office. This has grown into the Comatec Group, which employs 400 people and serves global companies.

Much has changed, such as the products being designed, the services offered, the tools used and the means of communication. But much has stayed the same, such as the people, and the competition, which always seems to be intense.
Three decades contain success, but also years of danger. This and that has happened. The driving forces have been belief in the future and management keeping its eyes fixed on the future.

Comatec is the client’s partner, technology expert and project manager. Comatec’s sales article is increasingly ideas, brain power.

Ajatuksen voimalla -book (pdf, in Finnish)

Ajatuksen voimalla. ISBN 978-952-67691-3-4