Comatec at the FTRFORUM event

Major changes in industry and the information surrounding it

Comatec Group participated in the FTRForum event held in Lappeenranta on 16–17 May 2017. The event focused on the latest developments in industries and technologies. Important themes included IoT and industrial Big Data, the circular economy, digitalisation of the forest industry, technology exports, and technologies and megatrends of the future. Speakers at the forum emphasised the fact that industries and information around it is changing at a rapid pace. The atmosphere was good at the Forum, with people getting to know each other and networking.

“We heard many interesting perspectives into circular economy and maintenance operations of the future. The rapid expansion of IoT and virtual realities in the industry and engineering is particularly worth noting. Virtual reality (VR) offers great opportunities for informative presentation. It is obvious that these two areas, IoT and VR, are the two things that will be heavily invested in”, said Engineering Manager Harri Haavisto, describing the proceedings at the Forum.