Comatec Group customer satisfaction survey 2017

Customer satisfaction is the most valuable of Comatec’s five values. In early summer 2017, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey in which telephone interviews helped us to identify our customers’ experiences of Comatec’s operations and services. We would like to thank all of our customers who responded to the survey. You gave us valuable feedback, which we will use to develop our operations further. We will plan individual steps with each respondent to develop our customer relationship and service.

Our customers value the ability of our contact people to identify the needs of every customer company and to assign suitable designers to each assignment. Customers expect our contact people to present more ideas and perspectives of future methods and tools. When it comes to service production, customers appreciate Comatec’s focus on solutions and its ability to stick to the schedule and achieve common goals. Customers expect Comatec to utilise virtual solutions and expert designers more in the future.

Every customer we spoke to said they would recommend Comatec to others as a good service producer and design partner. Customers’ challenges in most fields are associated with the expertise required to utilise automation and robotics, growth and shorter delivery times, cost pressure, the availability of design resources, digitalisation and an increase in the degree of automation. We will invest even more in these areas in the future.

We want to continue our diverse, open and practical cooperation with our customers also in the future. We wish you all a nice autumn full of work and success!