Comatec Group invests in project services by launching a new company: Comatec Project Services Oy

Comatec Project Services Petri Siren Niklas Tanila

For years, Comatec has provided its customers with comprehensive design and consulting services. Now, the company has decided to strengthen its service offering by establishing a new company. Founded on July 1, 2022, Comatec Project Services Oy offers project and site services for a growing clientele across all of the Group’s branches of business.

The company’s operations are based on utilizing the expertise of its highly skilled personnel in technology industry projects. The project management and site services produced by Comatec Project Services Oy offer technology industry customers expertise and experts for project activities and the implementation of various investment projects, equipment deliveries or product development projects.

“We’ve noticed that our customers’ needs are growing. With this new organization, we can provide more flexible services to industry operators both in Finland and abroad,” company CEO Niklas Tanila says.

Project management professionals can take on the role of a project director, project manager or project engineer. They can take responsibility for the entire project or as simply a part of it. Site service professionals supervise production, installations and commissioning, as well as assist customers in quality assurance or in other roles during the implementation phase of investments projects.

“Comatec will take care of all project and site management related matters, and can offer up resources flexibly as needed. This allows the customer to concentrate on core tasks, such as tech development and sales, instead. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can offer the services of a single expert for the duration of a single project, or build a deeper partnership over several years. In both of these cases and everything in between, Comatec Project Services Oy offers our customers effortless cooperation to help them implement projects more successfully,” Tanila says.

Comatec’s project services combine the installation, commissioning, design and project expertise of our experts from several fields with the business understanding related to project delivery and supervision. With all of Comatec Group’s solid design expertise and experience in investment projects, we can offer extensively tailored and cost-effective services to our customers.