Comatec participates in a fusion energy project led by VTT

Comatec has the pleasure to take part in VTT’s new project, which promotes the participation of Finnish industry in the construction of ITER fusion reactor and collaboration around fusion in general. The FinnFusion community was established to unite Finnish research institutes and technology companies for the international development of fusion energy. The community hopes to come up with an operating model that facilitates the export of Finnish know-how to Europe and international markets.

Comatec has a long history in the development of fusion technologies, but this partnership helps us reach high-tech supplier networks, enabling us to take a quality leap not only in fusion projects, but also our business operations and export trade. Comatec is linked with the FinnFusion community through the Finnish Ecosystem for Industrial Fusion Technology (ECO-Fusion). Comatec participates in this company partnership by focusing especially on networking, the utilisation of XR technologies in design and documentation, the verification process of safety-critical software and the electrification of mobile machinery. Comatec develops its existing expertise in these areas, which enables us to add new services to our catalog of design and documentation services.

ECO-Fusion is a Business Finland funded co-innovation initiative, consisting of research projects by VTT and the University of Helsinki, and company projects by Comatec, EOS Finland, Luvata and Platom. The duration of ECO-Fusion is 2021–2024.

Read more about the project from VTT’s news bulletin:

And from the projects own webpage: