Deemec Oy merges into Comatec Industrial and Marine Oy

Deemec Oy, part of Comatec Group, merges Comatec Industrial and Marine Oy on July 1, 2022. Both companies are subsidiaries owned 100 % by the Group’s parent company Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy. Deemec Oy have been a part of Comatec Group since June 2019.

In connection with the merger, Deemec Oy’s subsidiary operating in Romania, Deemec Oy s.r.l, will become 100 % owned subsidiary of Comatec Industrial and Marine Oy.

The aim of the merger is to simplify group structure, increase efficiency of business and administration and harmonize marketing communication. The companies operate in the same market area in Helsinki metropolitan area and in the surrounding areas, providing services in designing of industrial production equipment, marine industry equipment and seagoing vessels. As a consequence of the merger, we are able to provide and deliver broader service packages to these customer industries.

The merger will not affect the execution of client orders. Personnel of Deemec Oy will continue as existing employees in Comatec Industrial and Marine Oy.


For possible questions, please contact:

Sami Rajala, CEO, Deemec Oy, as of July 1, 2022

Marko Pennanen, CEO, Comatec Industrial and Marine Oy,

Comatec Industrial and Marine Finland

Marko Pennanen


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Comatec Industrial and Marine Finland

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