International fusion energy project


ITER, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, is the world’s most ambitious energy project. The aim of the project is to realize the world’s first full-scale fusion reactor with the task of proving that fusion energy can develop into a feasible form of electricity production. This would mean a solution for the future energy needs of mankind. The estimated cost of this the world’s biggest product development project exceeds €15 billion. Just the core of the fusion reactor, the Tokamak, weighs more than three Eiffel towers. This gives a picture of the test facility’s measurements. The ITER test facility is being built at Saint Paul-lez-Durance in the South of France. The construction has been going on since 2010. The goal is that the first plasma would ignite there in 2025.

The ITER Tokamak plasma configuration control model. The picture also shows a divertor cassette.

A fusion power plant is a project, which after completion would produce clean and safe nuclear energy. The fuel used in the fusion power plant, Deuterium, comes from seawater, which is an eternal resource. The Lithium used as a source of Tritium is a common metal on earth. The theoretical efficiencies are enormous: 10 grams of Deuterium and 15 grams of Tritium would produce enough energy for one Finn for the lifetime.

The ITER is a huge project. Thousands of designers are involved worldwide. Comatec has been involved in the project already since 2012 and our design work there continues.

During the spring of 2018, Comatec received altogether three orders for the fusion energy project. One of these involves the ITER project and two are to do with the DEMO project that follows the ITER. ITER is a large-scale research reactor and DEMO is a power plant that comes after the research reactor. It demonstrates the commercial electricity production from fusion energy

Comatec carries out both practical engineering and concept planning. We have done modelling, strength calculation and mechanical and electromechanical machine design. For the DEMO facility stage we perform remote-controlled robotics design.

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