Comatec participated in design of new Myllykoski Fire Station

The new Myllykoski fire station opened in August 2016. The new fire station fills the gap that was left when the Myllykosken Tehdaspalokunta industrial fire brigade ceased to function. The new premises and central location of the new fire station are important for the fire brigade. The new premises give the fire department facilities for training, staff areas and space for equipment. The fire department currently has 27 firemen. The fire station is also a base for the Kymenlaakso first aid response unit.

At the Kenraalintie end of the main part of the building is a two-storey section housing staff social facilities, training rooms and gym. At the other end is an unheated storage shelter. The total floor space of the steel-framed building is 873 m2, and its capacity 4 540 m3.

Comatec Group designed the fire station’s electrical systems, which included lighting, power, safety, camera, loudspeaker and IT systems. “A fire station is a particularly complicated building in respect of these systems,” says head of department Mikko Ala-Jääski, who is responsible for marine and land electrical design projects.