Oucons acquires Savon Konesuunnittelu Oy’s business operations

Oucons acquires Savon Konesuunnittelu Oy’s business operations

Oucons Oy, a Comatec Group company, has acquired the business of Savon Konesuunnittelu Oy as of 1 March 2019. With the acquisition, eight employees will be transferred to the buyer as existing employees. As a result of the acquisition, Hannu Tuovinen, the founder and Managing Director of Savon Konesuunnittelu, will also become an employee of Oucons. He will be the Business Unit Manager of the Varpaisjärvi office in Lapinlahti.

The acquisition boosts Oucons’ conveyor, feeder, steel structure and machine frame expertise and the material handling business of Comatec Group as a whole. The acquisition allows the company to better respond to the customers’ growing engineering needs by offering better-targeted engi-neering and expert services for companies manufacturing material handling systems.

Oucons Oy is part of Comatec Group, an engineering company that offers engineering, project management and expert services. Oucons provides expert, project management and installation supervision services, designs various types of material handling systems and conveyors, feeders, silos, crushers and related steel structures. Oucons employs more than fifty experts at four loca-tions, Oulu, Kankaanpää, Pori and Varpaisjärvi.

Established at Varpaisjärvi in Lapinlahti in 2003, Savon Konesuunnittelu Oy provides machine, me-chanical and steel structure engineering services, strength calculation and other expert services related to the product development of conveyors. The company has nine employees.

Additional information:

Teppo Hiltunen
Oucons Oy, Chairman of the Board
Tel. +358 44-7872 606
teppo.hiltunen (at) comatec.fi

Hannu Tuovinen
Oucons Oy, Business Unit Manager
Tel. +358 400 182 794
hannu.tuovinen (at) comatec.fi